Nos professeurs - Cours d'anglais

Nos professeurs

Gary Fumeaux


Gary has been teaching English and running businesses with Ute for 18 years.

Gary brings a wealth of teaching experience plus his, extensive, business, sales and marketing acumen.

Gary’s students love his personable approach, his energy and his positive attitude

Ute Fumeaux


Ute has been teaching English and running businesses with Gary for 18 years.

Ute is dedicated to teaching her students to the highest level and bringing them language programs designed to suit their needs.

Ute's students love her commitment and dedication to their learning.

Esther Costello


Esther has been teaching English since 2010.

Esther has spent her entire working life dedicated to getting the best results possible for her clients (in business) and her students.

Esther's students love her dedication, focus, commitment to results and her positive energy.

Diana Paterson


Diana has been teaching English since 1992.

Diana has worked in Japan, Canada and Switzerland, teaching English to adults and children of all ages, and developing exciting and innovative programs.

Diana's students love her energy, sense of humour and her fabulous disposition.

Neil Doyle


Neil has been teaching the Callan method for 2 years.

Neil also worked as a pharmacist in Australia, he really enjoys helping people and making a difference to their lives.

Neil's students love his energetic and friendly nature and they know his classes are always very interesting.