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Small Talk

Conversation Tools

Greeting /Opener






How are you?

Comment ça va?

How have you been?

Comment ça va (avec l'idée de récemment)

How is it going?

Comment ça va?

It’s nice to see you.

C'est sympa de vous voir

Long time, no see.

On ne s’est pas vu depuis longtemps

It's been a while.

Ça fait longtemps

Start a conversation with a simple question or statement

Commencez une conversation avec une question/phrase simple

Have I seen you around here before?

Est-ce que je vous ai déjà vu?

Are you new to this area?

Êtes-vous nouveau dans ce quartier

How is your work going these days?

Comment va le travaiL

Isn't it a beautiful day?

ll fait beau aujourd'hui, n'est-ce pas?

This rain seems like it will never stop.

On dirait que la pluie ne va jamais s'arreter.

What's new with you?

Quoi de neuf?

What kind of work do you do?

Qu’est ce que vous faites comme travail./Dans quoi travaillez-vous?

Did you see the football game yesterday?

Avez vous vu le match de foot hier?

Keep a conversation going by agreeing or disagreeing, or asking for clarification.

Continuation d'une conversation en étant d'accord ou pas avec quelqu'un ou en demandant une clarification

I agree/disagree.

Je suis d'accord./ Je ne suis pas d'accord

I do/don't

Je fais/je ne fais pas.

I know what you mean.

Je sais ce que vous voulez dire

I couldn't agree more.

Je ne pourrais pas etre plus d'accord.

I think so, too. (agreeing with a positive opinion, eg everyone should learn to swim)

Je le pense aussi.

I don't think so. (disagreeing with a positive opinion, eg everyone should learn to swim)

Je ne le pense pas.

Me too. (agreeing with a positive statement, eg I enjoy swimming)

Moi aussi.

Not me (disagreeing with a positive statement, eg I enjoy swimming)

Mai pas.

Me neither (agreeing with a negative statement, eg I don't like swimming)

Moi, non plus

Really? Why do you say that? (in response to an opinion)

Vraiment? Pourquoi dites-vous ça?

End a conversation politely

Terminer une conversation poliment

It was nice meeting you.

C'était sympa de vous rencontrer/ C'était un plaisir de vous rencontrer.

I hope we'll meet again (after talking for the first time)

J'espére qu'on se reverra

It was nice to see you again.

C'était sympa de vous revoir.

I'm glad we had a chance to talk.

Je suis content que nous avons eu la chance de parler.

It's been great chatting with you.

C'était sympa de parler/bavarder avec vous.

I've enjoyed talking with you.

C'était sympa de parler/bavarder avec vous

Will you excuse me please? I've got to run.

Pourriez vous m'excuser SVP?Je dois y aller.

Bye Goodbye/ Good night.

Au revoir, bonne soirée

See you later.

À plus tard

Take it easy.

Prenez soin de vous

Take care.

Prenez soin de vous

Keep in touch.

On se tient en courant

Meeting someone for the first time in a coffee shop.

A :

Hello, can I sit here?

B :

Hello, yes, of course.

A :

Thanks very much, my name is ……………, What’s your name?

B :

Nice to meet you …………………..My name is ……………….

A :

Have you been here before?

B :

Yes it’s my favourite coffee shop.

A :

What do you recommend?

B :

This lady makes a great cappuccino.

A :


B :

Are you visiting the city?

A :


B :

You’re lucky it’s a beautiful day to visit.

A :


B :

I must go to work, have a nice day.

A :

Thank you, you too. Good bye

B :



  someone on a train.

A :

Hello, is this seat free?

B :

Hello, yes, I’ll just move my bag.

A :

Thanks, it’s a busy train.

B :

Yes this is peak hour.

A :

Where are you from?

B :

I’m from………………………What about you?

A :

I’m from ………………………What’s it like in…………………………?

B :

It’s hot/cold/mild/warm

It’s in the mountains, by the sea, a big city, a quiet village

What’s it like in………………………….?

A :

It’s hot/cold/mild/warm

It’s in the mountains, by the sea, a big city, a quiet village

Where are you going today?

A :

I’m visiting my mother.

B :

This is my stop, it was nice chatting/speaking with you, have a nice visit with your mother.

A :

Thanks and I hope you have a nice day at work.

B :


A :


B :


A brief Self-Introduction

Hi my name is Ute.

I’m Australian/I come from Australia.

I’m an English Teacher.

I’m married and I have 3 children, aged 16, 14 and 12

My husband’s name is Gary, he’s also Australian and his father is Swiss.

Our children’s names are Max, Lauren and Luke.

We’ve been living in Switzerland for 6 years and we like it here a lot.

My husband and I have 2 English schools, one in Saxon and another in Sion, we like our work very much as we meet and work with nice people every day.

At the weekends we enjoy reading, spending time with friends, walking in the mountains, skiing and when possible travelling.